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Over time we'll schedule Mount Farming, Treasure Maps and Duty Roulettes and more together! We're an open and ENGAGING FC that takes care in asking what you want as a member above all else!

Need Help?

We're apart of a wider Alliance with Mentors and Seasoned Players! No need to feel like you can't ask a question!

How to join!

Nobody's perfect. We're as free of Drama as life can allow. We have bad and good days - We're honest about it! Hit the more button to find out how to join our FREE COMPANY!

Events & Company Chest

We have an open door policy for our Company Chest. We only ask that on any occasion that if you need GIL from the chest that you replace it. If anything, items for crafting are easily replaceable.

We will work hard to schedule Treasure Maps, Dungeons and Raids, Mount Farms & More! With several options for group events the fun can be endless! As well as the advent of Explorer Mode - we can take fun photos together to share on social media!

Right now we don't have a Free Company house and are unaware at the stage we'll be prepared for one. We want to focus on the members first, and work on extra items later!

Story Progression

We're here to help you! Many of us have gotten to the most recent final MSQ patches. So if you're struggling with mechanics or something simple - just ask!

Dungeons are a pain in the patoot sometimes, so if you're missing the guide to how to get somewhere - or you're just not sure what Jumbo Cacpot means? Feel free to ask!

If we don't know something ourselves we'll hit you up with our Alliance members OR we'll look it up with you and guide you!

As of writing this the final MSQ patch before Endwalker is 5.55 - with half patches still to come to add other small amounts of content. We're here to help you through as much as you need!

How to join

You can find us under Snoti in game - or by contacting one of us leadership:
Moira Felinetriss
Rana'eth Eri-hoth
Bodiqua Rikku

We also have a DISCORD server:

Updates to events are placed on Rana's RL website:
Under either the FORUMS or the Blog section.

We will work hard on communicating everywhere possible to keep everyone informed!!